Monday, July 18, 2016

European Western Comic Books ~ Alan Mistero

A hero with fiery red hair, an expert at disguises and an infallible marksman, Alan Mistero saw the light in a series of weekly albums published by his creators, the trio Sartoris-Sinchetto-Guzzon, better known as EsseGesse. The series later reappeared, published by the Araldo Press, as an appendix to Il Comandante Mark. In line with the habitual canons of its authors, the likeable avenger was flanked in his adventures by two "comic relief chracters": the sophisticated Conte and the greedy Polpetta.

EsseGesse was a group of Italian authors composed of John Sinchetto, Dario Guzzon and Peter Sartoris. The three separately debuedt in the world of comics: Sinchetto in 1947 Furio Masked draws on texts by Andrea Lavezzolo; Guzzon the following year draws half-tone sentimental stories, often about Sartoris texts, for Piccina. The three find themselves in 1950 in Milan, where Guzzon and Sartoris had moved after closing Piccina, to collaborate with Edizioni Alpe and decide to pool their forces giving all'EsseGesse life.

The group debuted with Kinowa, written by Lavezzolo, and imposes itself in 1951 with Captain Miki, successfully repeated three years later with Il grande Blek, all figures published by Dardo and, except for the first which lasted only two years, the rest continued for a long time.

In 1965 they try a publishing venture, with the initials SISAG (from Sinchetto, Sartoris, Guzzon), and publish Alan Mystery, but give up quickly, after only 23 issues, as well as working from then on only in artistic production.

In 1966 they created for the publisher Bonelli their third successful character, Commander Mark, who was also joined by other authors, continued until 1989.

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