Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Zorro and the Scarlet Whip Revealed! (TV)

Zorro and the Scarlet Whip Revealed! – English title

A 2010 British production [British television production [BKN New Media, G7 Animation,
Pangea Corporation (London)]
Producer: Rick Ungar
Director: Chris Evans
Story: “Zorro” by Johnston McCulley
Screenplay: Lee Cohen, Steven Darancette, Sean Catherine Derek
Animation: Vic Santiago [color]
Music: Allen Bohbot
Running time: 81 minutes

Diego Dela Vega/El Zorro, Maria Martinez/Scarlet Whip, Mrs. McAlistair, Mayor Martinez, Sergeant Garcia

Together Zorro and the Scarlet Whip battle dangerous criminals, including scientists who attempt to gain control by harnessing the power of earthquakes, and a town run by a corrupt mayor and his thugs. It's up to Zorro and the Scarlet Whip to thwart these villains and protect the innocent!

The feature film is a combination of three episodes from the ‘Zorro: Generartion Z’ animated television cartoon series: ‘The Earthquake Machine’, ‘Z-Virus’, and ‘Poll Axed’.

Television premiere on February 16, 2010

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