Friday, October 23, 2015

Striving for Freedom (TV)

Der Freiheit Entgegen – German title
In einem wilden Land – German title
Coeur de tonnerre – French title
A szabadság földjén – Hungarian title
Cuore selvaggio – Italian title
In a Wild Country – English title
Striving for Freedom – English title

A 2012 German, South African co-production [Wiedemann & Berg Television (Munich), Two
    Oceans Production (TOP) (Johannesburg)]
Producers: Quirin Berg, Thomas Biehl, Birgit Brandes, Max Wiedemann
Director: Rainer Matsutani
Story: Caroline Hecht, Rainer Matsutani
Screenplay: Caroline Hecht, Rainer Matsutani
Cinematography: Gerhard Schirlo [color]
Music: Karim Sebastian Elias
Running time: 126 minutes

Cecilie von Hohenberg - Nadja Uhl
Arnim von Hohenberg - Benno Fürmann
Mats - Jannis Niewöhner
Whittacker – Darron Meyer
Prince Carl zu Kronach – Thomas Thieme
Mila – Emilia Schüle
Chief Tahmahkera – Gojko Mitic
Buffalo Hump – Wesley French
Strong Wolf - Jonaid Carrera
Jack Slayton – Tony Caprari
Lieutenant Muller – Conrad Kemp
Count Ehrenfels – Porteus Xandau (Porteus Steenkamp)
Hans Cordes - Simon Schwarz
Martin Seitz - Warrick Grier
Peter Goor - Nicky Rebelo
Nocona – Jeremy Boado
Settler - Richard Le Sueur
Indian – Bruce Ortaev (Elbrus Ourtaev)
Stunts: Paul Hampshire, Dan Hirst, Bruce Ortaev (Elbrus Ourtaev)

The year 1844. Oppression, starvation and violence prevail in Europe. Many people dream of a better life on a new continent: America ... The young and beautiful weaver Emilia "Mila" Hofmann forced to watch helplessly as her husband Matthias is hanged for poaching. Following her husband's request, she makes her way to Texas, there to realize the common dream of freedom.
This German made for television film was shown on German TV November 12, 2013.

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