Saturday, October 17, 2015

Stracult: Chitarre

Stracult: Chitarre

A 2013 Italian TV production [RAI 2 (Rome)]
Producer: Marco Giusti
Director: Marco Giusti
Teleplay: Luca Rea
Photography: [color]
Music: various
Running time: 29 minutes

Cast: Marco Giusti, Lino Banfi, Alex Britti (Alessandro Britti), Enrico Ciacci, Bruno Battisti D'Amario, Alessandro Alessandroni, Little Tony (Antonio Ciacci)

Lino Banfi, Alex Britti and Italian soundtrack guitarists were the guests of the fourth episode of Stracult 2013, which aired Friday, August 9 on Rai 2.

Dal Teatro delle Vittorie di Roma, transformed into the living room of colorful Marco Giusti, Lillo and Greg host Lino Banfi, Alex Britti and guitarists Alessandro Alessandroni, Bruno Battisti D'Amario and Enrico Ciacci. The musicians will compete in an incredible jam session based on famous western parts, but also blues and country.

YouTube link to episode: 

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