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Smoke and Shorty (TV)

Смок и Малыш – Russian title
Smok  i malysh – Russian title
Smoke and Shorty – English title

A 1975 Russian television production [Litovskaia, Rigas Kinostudija (Moscow)]
Producer: Algimantas Svajas
Director: Raimund Vabalas
Story: “Smoke  Bellew” by Jack London (John Chaney)
Teleplay: Pranas Morkus, Raimund Vabalas
Photography: Jonas Tomasiavicius  (Jan-Witold  Tomasiavicius)
Music: Vyacheslav Ganelin
Running time: 225 minutes

Smoke – Veniamin Smekhov
Shorty – Gediminas Girdvainis
Uncle – Antanas Gabrenas
Joy – Eugeniia Bajoryte
Stein – Kenno Oja
Lucille – Regina Arbaciauskaite
Mad Charlie – Vitautas Tomkus
Saltmay – Balis Bratkauskas
Slavovic – Genrikas Kurauskas
Lieutenant – Jouzas Rigertas
Sanderson – S. Jukna (Stepas Jukna)
With: Marionas Gedris, E. Jebertaviciute, V. Jurkunas, Viatutas Kantzleris (Vyatutas  Kanzeleris), D. Kristopaitite, A. Kubilius (Algirdas Kubilius), A. Semeskiavisius, Antanas Surna, O Valiukiaviciute, Mikolas-Valdas  Jatautis, Elvyra Zebertaviciute


The story takes place at the end of the twentieth century during the Alaska Gold Rush. Keith Bellew, a writer for a San Francisco newspaper, for which he’s written a novel and a sequel is on the verge of bankruptcy. Bellew decides to go to Alaska to try his luck searching for gold. On the way Bellew meets and becomes friends with another miner named Shorty. Along the way Bellew  earns the nickname "Smoke."

After a long and arduous trek, where they’ve risked their lives, Smoke gets to Dawson. He will have to go through several ups and downs. He finds work as a dishwasher in a restaurant and saloon. Smoke makes a fortune playing the game of roulette, and then loses it.

The Russian TV mini-series was a musical adventure based on the novel by Jack London "Smoke Bellew". The film consisted of three series: "The Taste of Meat", "Dreams" and "Gold".

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