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The Other Side of the Law (TV)

Aventures dans le Grand Nord – French title
L’honneur des grandes neiges – French title
The Other Side of the Law – English title

A 1994, French, Canadian television co-production [Ellipse, France 3, Gaumont Television
         (Paris), Telefilm Canada (Montreal)]
Producers: Justine Héroux, Robert Réa
Director: Gilles Carles
Story: James Oliver Curwood
Teleplay: Gilles Carles
Photography: Jean-Claude Aumont [color]
Music: Jean Delorme
Running time: 95 minutes

Simon McQuarrie – Jurgen Prochnow
Donald McRae – Yves Renier
Mayor – Xavier Deluc (Xavier Lepetit)
Alec Curry – Justin Bornraegger
Peter McRae – Marc de Jonge
Mona Guyon – Maggie Castle
Josette Groundon – Brigitte Boucher
Odette Clanart – Chrystelle Labaude
Bridget Curry – Shannon Finnegan
Pierre McRae as a boy – Johnny Morina Cédric
Pierre McRae as a young man – Attila Dumond (Cédric Dumont)
Cédric Attila Dumond (Cédric Dumont)
Alec Curry as a boy – Gerard Smurthwaite
Mona as a girl – Pascale Nielsen (Inger Nielsen)
Helene McRae – Leslie Rain
Paul – Christian De Grave

In this tale of drama and adventure based on a novel by James Oliver Curwood, a man becomes obsessed with revenge after his wife is sexually assaulted by another man. He kills the rapist, but soon finds he's wanted by the law, and spends the next ten years hiding out in the wilderness with his young son. Shortly before his wife died, the man promised her that their son would receive an education, and in time the man turns his son over to a close friend, who will now raise the boy and send him to school. However, the boy soon learns that one of his classmates is the son of the man his father killed, and the young man pledges to someday take his life in exchange for that of his late father.

This made for Canadian TV western was part of the Tales of the Wild series and was shown on Canadian television on December 24, 1994.

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