Saturday, August 8, 2015

Murdoch Mysteries (TV)

Murdoch Mysteries – English title

A 2014 Canadian, British co-production [Shaftesbury Films (Toronto), ITV Studios Global
Entertainment, UKTV (London)]
Producers:  Julie Lacey, Stephen Montgomery, Michelle Ricci
Director: Yannick Bisson
Story: Peter Mitchell, Jordan Christianson
Teleplay: Peter Mitchell, Jordan Christianson
Photography: James Jeffrey [color]
Music: Robert Carli
Running time: 48 minutes

Detective William Murdoch – Yannick Bisson
Inspector Thomas Brackenreid – Thomas Craig
Dr. Julia Ogden - Hélène Joy
Constable George Crabtree – Jonny Harris
Dr. Emily Grace – Georgina Reilly
Constable Henry Higgins – Lachlan Murdoch
Constable Slugger Jackson – Kristian Braun
Father Clements – Anthony Lemke
Hiram Claxon – Rod Wilson
Liam Claxon – Dan Fox
Walter Claxon – Andrew Butcher
George Dixon – Milton Barnes
Arthur Brown – Denis Germain
Lucas Hunt – Sean Clement
Mr. Fleet – J. Sean Elliot
Bat Masterson - Steven Ogg
Madame Dupree – Lorry Ayers
Cynthia – Diana Bentley
Reporter Matthew Booth – Daniel Falk
Reporter Neil Sutherland – Michael Iliadis
Train Engineer – Dan Karpenchuk
Railway Boss – Jameson Kraemer
Hoyt O'Bannon – Bruce Beaton
Ed O'Bannon - Peter Valdron
Mrs. Kicthen - Dixie Seatle
Belly Dancer - Marilou Calce
Boxer – George ‘Little Chocolate’ Dixon
Trainer - Michael G. Morrison
Stunts: Adam Winlove-Smith

Example: Season 8, Episode 3 “Glory Days”. Legendary U.S. lawman Bat Masterson is in Toronto and claims to have seen the equally legendary Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid. Masterson is now a newspaperman and he's already filed a story about the sighting with his New York paper. Murdoch is doubtful about the whole thing and is under the impression that Butch and Sundance had fled to Argentina the previous year. Brackenreid is keen however - and just a big star struck - and they set off to find the two men Masterson says he saw. After the Bank of Toronto is robbed - and that quickly followed by a train robbery - Masterson's claim appears confirmed. Masterson himself thinks otherwise and comes clean. Meanwhile, Julia and William's wedding day is fast approaching but they have yet to select just where they will be married. Julia has an idea however. The men of Station 4 plan Murdoch's bachelor party.

Based on novels by Maureen Jennings, "Murdoch Mysteries" follows young detective William Murdoch. In a series of stories taking place in Toronto during the 1890s, several challenging murder cases arise. Murdoch uses up-and-coming forensics techniques and an unconventional approach, which often elicit skepticism from his fellow officers and his boss. Coroner Julia Ogden becomes Murdoch's number one ally, and they make a top-notch team, but he must struggle against tradition and prejudice to solve some of the city's most-gruesome murders.

This Canadian, British television co-production was shown on City and CBC Television and premiered in 2004 and continues to this day.