Sunday, April 15, 2012

RIP Gianni Marchetti

Composer Gianni Marchetti has died

Gianni Marchetti who was 78, died in Rome on April 11, 2012. Marchetti collaborated with the great songwriter Piero Ciampi in composing much music. Gianni died after a long illness, on the night between Tuesday and Wednesday in Rome. Born on September 7, 1933 in Rome, Marchetti was a collaborator with Piero Ciampi in the 1970s, the latter writing the music for some of his most famous songs from “Ha tutte le carte in regola”, “Io te e Maria” and “Tu no” a “Sporca estate”. The "Roman" singer-songwriter and poet from Settanta, to which the city has dedicated the "Premio Ciampi," is inseparable from the presence of Marchetti at his side. The close relationship between the two talented composers resulted in some very popular compositions, some of which was the most creative and original in the history of song writing. Marchetti had recently told this artistic journey in the book "My Piero Ciampi" (2010) and was currently working on a documentary film on Ciampi. "We are very saddened because Marchetti he was a very important person in the field of music” observes Mario Tredici, Councillor for Culture of the town of Livorno “who accompanied Piero Ciampi which is called by many Romans, one of the most creative periods of their artistic lives." Marchetti composed the score for four Euro-westerns “The Taste of Vengeance” (1968) co-written with Manuel Parada, “$20,000 for Every Corpse” (1969), “The Rebels of Arizona” (1970) "Zorro of Monterey" (1971).

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