Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Lucky Lucky and the Daltons

L’Arriere train sifflera trois fois – French title
Lucky Lucky et les Daltons – French title
Lucky Lucky – Dutch title
Porno West – Italian title
Lucky Lucky and the Daltons – English title

A 1974 French production [Europrodis, Les Films J.M.P. (Paris)]
Producer: Georges Combret, Jean-Marie Pallardy
Director: Jean-Marie Pallardy
Story: Jean-Marie Pallardy
Screenplay: Jean-Marie Pallardy
Cinematography: Jacques Robin [Eastmancolor]
Music: Paul De Senneville, Olivier Toussaint, Eddie Warner
Running time: 110 minutes

Lucky Lucky – Willeke Van Ammelrooy (Willy van Ammelrooij)
John Keykett – Jean-Marie Pallardy
Maureen O’Lala – Vera Valmont
Billy the Kid – Jean Luisi (Jean Claude Stromme)
Lulu – Alice Arno (Marie-France Broquet)
Sabine – Gilda York (Gilda Arancio)
Sheriff Carlos – Ed
Deputy Sheriff - Arry
Daltine – Patricia Monet (Patricia Mionnet), Martine Azencot
Saloon dancers – The Bluebell Girls
With: Jacques Insermini, Joëlle Coeur, Evelyn Scott (Evelyne Deher), Liliane Lemieuvre, Guy Maria

The action takes place in a small village in the western U.S. where the affairs of Billy the Kid, the local pimp are very successful. Indeed, the best deal on the corner, Lulu is working for him and his reputation has earned him all the male customers around. Obviously the league of virtue, led by Maureen O'Lala, does not see all this with a very good eye and is working to close this den of iniquity and the saloon. This is precisely what happens when the new owner of the place, a lone cowboy named John Keykett, is determined to grow his investment by offering the male population schooling with women and alcohol. Alas, it is then that Lulu is the victim of an accident. Always ready to serve, the valiant whore is stuck in bed and can no longer perform her functions. Exhausted by years of toil, she is in need of a break and cannot perform her services of general interest. The customers have become frustrated and want a hasty solution Keykett decides to go in search of the Daltines, formidable whores that could satisfy the needs of the city. Maureen O'Lala and the teacher Lucky Lucky, not insensible to the charms of the beautiful cowboy take advantage of Kaykett’s absence and try to stop Billy and impose moral order.

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