Sunday, January 23, 2011

Remembering Emmimo Salvi

Domenico Salvi was born on January 23, 1926 in Rome, Italy. Commonly called Emimmo or Mimmo Salvi he was active in multiple capacities in the film industry from 1950 until the mid-1960s. He began his film career in 1950 as a production manager on “First Communion” and then worked in several capacities as producer, director and screenwriter during the Sword and Sandal era on such films as “David and Goliath” (1959), “The Tarttars” (1960), “Vulcan Son of Jupiter” (1961) “The Seven Adventures of Ali Baba” (1962), “Sinbad Against the Seven Saracens” (1964). Salvi then continued on during the Spaghetti western genre directing and writing screenplays for “Three Graves for a Winchester” starring two Peplum stars Gordon Mitchell and Mickey Hargitay and “Wanted Johnny Texas” starring James Newman (?) And Fernando Sancho. His last film was “Pugni, dollari e spinaci” (1978) again with Gordon Mitchell. Mitchell told me that Salvi committed suicide in 1989 because he developed diabetes. He was 63. Today we remember Emimmo Salvi on what would have been his 85th birthday.

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