Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Happy 75th Birthday Rainer Brandt

Rainer Brandt was born on January 19, 1936 in Berlin, Germany. Director Alfred Vohrer was impressed with Rainer’s voice and offered him a job as a voice actor in dubbing actors voices onto the German voice tracks of films and so in 1958 Rainer started dubbing DEFA films. Brandt was the regular German voice of Elvis Presley, Mario Adorf, Jack Lord and Tony Randall in most of their films released in Germany. Brandt also became a dialogue writer and was responsible for most of the German dialogue in many of the Terence Hill, Bud Spencer films. In the 1970s Rainer founded his own dubbing studio ‘Brandt Film’. He also incorporated his wife and daughter into the company as voice actors. Wife Ursula Heyer [1940- ] was the voice of Joan Collins in “Dynasty”, his brother Volker Brandt [1935- ] while his son Andrej Brandt is a film cameraman. Brandt was the German voice of Mario Adorf, Rik Battaglia, George Hilton, George Eastman and various other Euro-western actors during the heyday of the Euro-westerns. Today we celebrate one of the great voices of the German cinema Rainer Brantdt’s 75th birthday.

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