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Old Surehand - I. Teil - German title
Lavrint smrti - Yugoslavian title
Winnetou og Nevada-banditterne - Danish title
Lännen sankarit - Winnetou ja Old Surehand - Finnish title
Winnetou bosszúja - Hungarian title
Surehand - mano veloce - Italian title
Surehand - Italian title
Winnetou i Old Surehand - Polish title
O Grito de Guerra dos Comanches - Portuguese title
El justiciero de Kansas - Spanish title
La frontera in llamas - Spanish title
Säker man i western - Swedish title
Nevada banditerna - Swedish title
Flaming Frontier - English title

A 1965 German, Yugoslavian co-production [Rialto (Berlin), Jadran-Film (Zagreb)]
Producers: Horst Wendlandt, Preben Phillipsen, Wolfgang Kühnlenz
Director: Alfred Vohrer
Story: Karl May
Screenplay: Fred Denger, Eberhard Keindorff, Johanna Sibelius (Sibylle Freybe)
Cinematography: Karl Löb [Eastmancolor, Ultrascope]
Music: Martin Böttcher
Running time: 92 minutes

Old Surehand - Stewart Granger (James Stewart)
Winnetou - Pierre Brice (Pierre de Bris)
General Jack O’Neal - Larry Pennell (Alessandro Pennelli)
Jeremy ‘Old Wabbles’ Sanders - Paddy Fox (Milutin Srdoc)
Judith - Leticia Román (Letizia Novarese)
Toby - Mario Girotti
Judge Dick Edwards - Wolfgang Lukschy
Captain Miller - Erik Schumann
Mahki-Moteh - Duslan Antonijevic
Jim Potter - Bata Ziviojinovic (Velimir Zirijinovic)
Clinch - Dusko Janicijevic (Dusan Janicijevic)
Uncle Ben O’Brian - Vladimir Medar
Molly - Hermina Pipinic
Delia - Jelena Jovanovic
old Indian - Joso Martincevic (Jozo Martincevic)
Mac Hara/O’Hara - Veljko Maricic
Ton-Wan - Sime Jagarinec (Simun Jagarinec)
Bob Hara/O’Hara - Miro Buhin (Miroslav Buhin)
Bonoja - Martin Sagner
Surehand’s scout - Predag Ceramilac
Joe - Voja Miric (Vojislav Miric)
Wynand - Mate Ivankovic
Blacky - Dani Segina (Djani Segina)
Buster - Marijan Habazin
Cat - Nicola Gec
Bini - Lujo Knezevic (Luka Knezevic)
medicine man - Marin Ercegovic
Kellner - Leo Butorac
Burger - Josip Zappalorto
desperado - Ivo Kristof (Ivan Kristof)
Bude owner - Stjepan Jurcevic
townsman - Josip Zappalorto
desperado - Ivo Kristof

A bandit gang led by Jack O’Neal nicknamed "The General" robs a train of the Railway Union Bank-Insurance (UBRI) Ltd.. of an army payroll. A short time later, some settlers are on the run from what they think are a band of Indians, after they have killed a buffalo. The son of Farmer Mac O’Hara is shot and killed and it is made to look as though the Indians were to blame for his death.

Old Surehand has just enough time to free the passengers trapped by the bandits in the train shortly before they blow it up. On the way to Mason City Surehand meets a group of gold miners and one named Ben accompanies him to town. In Mason City, Ben meets his niece Judith and her fiancé Toby, who works as a lawyer under Judge Edwards. Judge Edwards informs Surehand that he still has no new information on the killer of his brother.

Tou-Wan, the son of Comanche chief's Maki-Moteh who wants to pursue justice in Mason City against the attacks of the bandits is shot and killed by a sniper. Behind the murder is ‘The General’ who is also behind the killing of the buffalo in order to incite the Indians to start a war with the whites so he can sell them weapons.

The Comanches, now on the verge of war, because of the murder of their chief's son. They kidnap Toby, and Judith, and prepare to let them die at the stake. With the promise to uncover the true murderer, Old Surehand is able to obtain their release.

The bandits try to get rid of Old Surehand through the treachery of a beautiful woman named Delia. Surehand and his crew spend a night in an old coaching inn and are given ample glasses of wine. Surehand sees through the plan and thwarts the bandits waiting in ambush. Meanwhile, Toby is again taken prisoner by ‘The General’ and hidden in a limestone cave. Winnetou silently sneaks into the cave and frees Toby.

‘The General’ has provided the Comanches with defective cartridges, who lay in ambush to attack a group led by Army Captain Miller. Old Surehand warns them in time and, together with Winnetou, and Maki-Moteh the Comanches are convinced of the false promises of ‘The General’. The Indians and soldiers stage a fire fight to lure in the bandits and they defeat them together. As ‘The General’ is seen fleeing with Old Wabble as a hostage, Surehand kills him with one well aimed shot.

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