Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Remembering Chris Huerta

Born Crisanto Huerta Brieva on January 26, 1935 in Lisbon, Portugal. Known to all of us as Cris/Chris Huerta, he is one of the great character actors of the Spaghetti Western era. He first appeared in Sword and Sandal films and later specialized in Westerns often playing dirty, ugly fat gang leaders, bandits, and sidekicks. He appeared in both classic and 'B' western productions, from “Django” (1965), “Navajo Joe” (1966) and “Captain Apache” (1970) to lesser known films like “The Fat Brothers of Trinity” (1972) and “Valley of the Dancing Widows” (1974). Once you've seen his face you soon can pick him out in the over 40 Euro-westerns he has appeared in. Chris Huerta died in Madrid, Spain sometime in late November 2004. Today we remember Chris Huerta on what would have been his 75th birthday.


  1. I remember him from "Bandidos". Didn't know he was Portuguese. Finally a confirmation of a home buddy in the genre!

  2. Chris is born in Lisboa but was spanish, for sure!
    Died on 28 august 2004 in Madrid.
    Cristina (his daughter)