Thursday, September 24, 2009

RIP Hans-Werner Bussinger

The German actor and voice dubber Hans Werner Bussinger died on Saturday, September 19th in Berlin at the age of 68 years. Bussinger was among other things the German voice of Lee Majors in " A Colt for all Fälle" and John Forsythe in " Denver Clan" , in " Totally Recall" it dubbed Michael Ironside's voice, in " Transformers" he was the German voice of Jon Voight. The list of his work as a voice dubber covers several dozen features and much TV work. He was the voice of John De Lancie as Q in the new "Star Trek" - Series. On television he was usually seen in various roles, among other things in " Tatort" and in " Our Charly". As far as Euro-westerns go, Bussinger was the German voice of Gian Maria Volonte in the re-release of "Fistful of Dollars" (1964) and "For a Few Dollars More" (1965). He was the voice of Carlos 'East' Ismael in the 2006 film "Bandidas".