Sunday, September 27, 2009

Bloody Hugo

Eastern krvavý Hugo – Czechoslovakian title
Eastern Hugo le sangplant – French title
Bloodthirsty Hugo, an Eastern – English title
Bloody Hugo – English title

A 1997 Czechoslovakian production [Czech TV (FAMU) (Prague)]
Producer: Vojtěch Bernatský
Director: A. Klimt (Aurel Klimt)
Story: A. Klimt (Aurel Klimt)
Teleplay: A. Klimt (Aurel Klimt)
Photography: J. Šimůnek [color]
Music: ?
Running time: 6 minutes

Hugo - Štefan Capko
Pradlenka - Denisa Nová
Starenka - Hedvika Krupicková
Holicka - Lucie Stepánková
Muz - Jakub Šimůnek
Zena - Zuzana Veselá
with; David Heger, Vojtěch Bernatský, Aurel Klimt

The notorious criminal Bloodthirsty Hugo has broken out of prison again. He is an arsonist, has no respect for old people and absolutely no maiden in the region is safe with him on the loose. In order to catch him his pursuers set a trap with irresistible bait: a lovely maiden bending over her washing by a stream. . .


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  2. I've no idea on stores in the UK since I live in the USA. I've bought DVDs from England but on I have a all-region player and buy DVDs where I find them. Maybe a U.K. reader can give you some leads.

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