Friday, September 25, 2009

Bloody Heart

Blutiges Herz – German title
Gefährliche Nähe – German title
Окровавленное сердце – Russian title
Опасна близость – Russian title
Dangerous Proximity – English title
Wounded Knee – English title
Bloody Heart – English title

A 1986 East German, Russian co-production [DEFA (Babelsburg), Mosfilm (Moscow)]
Producers: Gerrit List, Lilija Liepinia
Director: Dean Reed, Günter Reisch
Story: Gerd Gericke
Screenplay: Dean Reed, Günter Reisch
Cinematography: Helmut Bergmann [color]
Muisc: Karel Svoboda
Song: “Wounded Knee ‘73” sung by Dean Reed
Running time:

Dave Miller - Dean Reed
Jane Gonzales - Renate Blume-Reed
with; Dieter Knust

Wounded Knee 1973 brings back memories if the original encounter in 1890, set against a love story between a reporter and her photographer. Reed never completed the film about the uprising, because of his death, but the theme song was eventually released with the title “Wounded Knee ’73.”

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