Friday, July 3, 2009

Who Are Those Guys - Giuseppe Addobbati

Giuseppe Addobbati was born in Makarska, Austria-Hungary in 1909. Giuseppe first appeared on film in 1937 and would go on to appear in over 80 films. He appeared in many Spaghetti Westerns, Horror and action films during the ‘60s and ‘70s under his real name and the pseudonyms John MacDouglas and John McDouglas. He played land owners, sheriffs, townsmen and padres. Besides acting in films he appeared many times in Italian television series. He died in Rome, Italy in 1986.

Giuseppe Addobbati’s Euro-westerns:
Zorro and the 3 Musketeers – 1962 [as Giuseppe Addobbati
The Implacable Three – 1963 [as John MacDouglas]
Three Swords of Zorro – 1963 (Padre Geronimo) [as John MacDouglas]
Ride and Kill – 1963 (Judge Stauffer) [as John McDouglas]
Joe Dexter – 1964 (Doc Burton) [as John McDouglas]
Blood for a Silver Dollar – 1965 (Donaldson) [as John MacDouglas]
Colorado Charlie – 1965 (Sheriff of Little River) [as John McDouglas]
Deguello – 1965 (Colonel Cook/Clark) [as John McDouglas]
Django – 1965 [as John McDouglas]
The Man from Oklahoma – 1965 (Ken Hogg) [as John McDouglas]
The Brute and the Beast – 1966 (Jason Scott Sr.) [as John McDouglas]
$4.00 for Revenge – 1966 [as John MacDouglas]
Death Rides Alone – 1967 [as John McDouglas]
Django, the Last Killer – 1967 (Ramón’s father) [as John McDouglas]
A Hole in the Forehead – 1968 (Padre Blasco) [as John McDouglas]
The Stranger Returns – 1967 (Donald Stanley)
God Will Forgive My Pistol – 1969 (Sheriff Martin Brennan)

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