Friday, July 17, 2009

Bastard Go and Kill

Bastardo…vamos a matar – Italian title
Vamos a matar el gringo – Spanish title
Chaco – Spanish title
Chaco – French title
Kopfgeld für Chako – German title
Bastards Go and Kill Chaco – English title
Bastard, Go and Kill – English title

A 1971 Italian production [ICP, Sal Cinque (Rome)]
Producer: Alvaro Mancori
Director: Gino Mangini (Luigi Mangini)
Story: Sergio Garrone
Screenplay: Sergio Garrone, Gino Mangini (Luigi Mangini)
Cinematography: Giuseppe Gatti [Eastmancolor, Totalscope]
Music: Carlo Rustic (Carlo Rustichelli
Running time: 96 minutes

Chaco - George Eastman (Luigi Montefiori)
Gringo/Roger - Lincoln Tate
Assuncion Juanita Maria Magdalena Hermandariz/Maria - Antonella Steni (Antonietta Stefanini)
Don Felipe Antonio de Martinez/Morena - Furio Meniconi
Sergeant Hernandez - Remo Capitani (Renato Capitani)
Corporal Manuel - Tomas Rudy (Tomas Rudi)
Cherokee - José Manuel Martin (José Perez)
Sanchez/Manolo Cortez - Franco Lantieri
Toby/Tobias Velasquez - Jesús Guzmán (Jesús Areta)
Sam - Pinnucio Ardia
Conchita - Josefina Serratosa (Josefina Pereira)
Susanna - Scilla Gabel (Scilla Gabellini)
drunk - Derio Pino (Dario Pino)
with; Carlos Juliá, Giorgio Dolfin, Vincenzo Norvese, Renzo Moneta, Fulvio Pellegrin

Chaco, a young Mexican peon, is waiting to be hanged in American territory because he has been accused, unjustly, to have seduced a girl, Susanna. He succeeds in escaping and returns to Saint Rosario, Mexico, Slim, an obstinate bounty hunter, means to bring him back to the United States and collect the reward being offered. Before Slim can put his plan into play, Chaco again is unjustly accused, of the killing of two men. The gunman begins to realize that Chaco is completely innocent of these crimes. It is Don Felipe Morena, a rich and overbearing land owner, who is using the bandit Sanchez to kill for him and put the blame on Chaco. Slim arrives at the small farm of Don Felipe, but finds that he has been killed by Sanchez. Determined to punish him, Slim and Chaco team-up and face Sanchez and his gang and exterminating them all and returning peace to the countryside.

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  1. IMDb lists cinematography to Marcello Gatti of The Battle of Algiers fame while opening credits and books I have talk about Giuseppe Gatti. I think that IMDb confuses two persons for each other, since I can't believe that Marcello Gatti did no-budget films like this. Do you have a file on Giuseppe Gatti? I'd like to know what films he did since his work for Bastardo, vamos a matar is outstanding.

    Another thing I'd like to know is who dubbed Luigi Montefiori to English. The film's plot and characters borrow heavily from The Big Gundown; they even gave Chaco this Chuchillo like voice very much unlike Montefiori's own voice.

  2. Smjango - Here's what I have on Gatti's cinematography file:
    GATTI, Marcello (aka Giuseppe Gatti) [2/9/1924, Rome, Lazio, Italy - ]
    The Ruthless Colt of the Gringo – 1965 (co)
    The Tall Women – 1966 (co)
    Bastard, Go and Kill – 1971 [as Giuseppe Gatti)

    I'd like to know a lot of the English dubbing credits. Funny there's all kinds of Spanish, Italian, German dubbing sites but seemingly only animated cartoon sites for English dubbing. Since many of these films were dubbed in Italy and the U.S. by different vocie actors we'll never know the answers to many of these questions.