Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Bennie & Lennie in the Wild West

Bolek i Lolek na dzikim Zachodzie – Polish title
Bolek und Lolek im Wilden Westen – German title
Bennie & Lennie in the Wild West – English title

A 1986 Polish production [Studio Filmow Rysunkowych (Warsaw)]
Director: Stanislaw Dulz, Wladislaw Nehrebecki, Waclaw Wajser, Bronislaw Zeman
Screenplay: Adam Hajduk, Leszek Mech, Andrzej Orzechowski, Wladislaw
Cinematography: Ryszard Wilczynski, Dorota Poraniewska, Mieczyslaw Poznanski
Music: Marek Wilczynski, Andrzej Korzynski, Jerzy Wojcik
Running time: 72 minutes

Animated characters Bennie and Lennie

Bolek and Lolek are two Polish cartoon characters from the TV animated series by the same title (Bolek i Lolek in Polish). They are based on Władysław Nehrebecki's sons, named Jan and Roman, and were partially created by German-born Alfred Ledwig before being developed by Władysław Nehrebecki and Leszek Mech. The series is about two young brothers and their fun and sometimes silly adventures which often involve spending a lot of time outdoors. They first appeared in an animated film in 1964. This particular DVD is a collection of several TV episodes about their imaginary adventures out West.

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