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Bang, Bang – Italian title
Il Bang Bang Kid – Italian title
Bang, Bang – Spanish title
Bang Bang Kid – Brazilian title
The Bang-Bang Kid – U.S.A. title

A 1967 U.S.A., Spanish, Italian co-production [Westside International Films (New
York), L. M. Films (Madrid), Domino Films (Rome)]
Producers: Sidney Pink, Mirko Purgatori
Director: Luciano Lelli, Stanley Prager
Story: José Luis G. de las Bayonas, Luciano Lelli
Screenplay: José Luis G. de las Bayonas, Luciano Lelli, Howard Berk (José Navarro)
Cinematography: Antonio Macasoli [MovieLab color]
Music: Nico Fidenco (Domenico Colarossi)
Running time: 87 minutes

Bear Bullock- Guy Madison (Robert Moseley)
Gwenda Skaggel - Sandra Milo (Elena Greco)
Meriwether P. Newberry - Tom Bosley (Thomas Bosley)
Killer Kissick- Riccardo Garrone
Mayor Skaggel - Joe Caffarel (José Fabregas)
Betsy Skaggel - Dianik Zurakowska (Dyanik Zurakovska)
Hotchkiss - Giustino Durano
barber - Luciano Bonanni
Leech - Ben Tatar
old man - Graham Sooty
Reverend Garrett Emerson Langry - Umberto Raho
hotel clerk - Renato Chiantoni
sheriff - Ennio Antonelli
bartender - Mimmo Poli (Domenico Poli)
Six-Fingers Sykes - Rick Boyd (Federico Boido)
leather worker - Natale Nazzareno
with; Eugenio Galadini, Mario Dani (Mario Danieli), Pino Ferrara (Giuseppe Ferrara), Jeanine Nardell

In the town of Limerick ruled by Bear Bullock and his gunman Killer Kissick they enforce a rule of terror without equal in the Wild West. After a number of gunmen hired by the townspeople fail to stand up to Bullock, Meriwether P. Newberry, a mild-mannered travelling inventor, comes to town with his latest invention a robot named “The Bang Bang Kid”. With the help of the townspeople and the mechanical man they try and turn the medieval rule of Bullock back to normal. Problems develop when the robot continues to break-down just before the fateful showdown with Kissick. Meriwether puts on Bang-Bang’s clothes and faces Kissick alone. The town recognizes his bravery and how they are cowards. They stand-up and join Newberry and chase Bullock and his gang out of town.

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