Saturday, July 11, 2009


Bandidos – Spanish title
Bandits – English title

A 1990 Spanish, Mexican coproduction [TVE (Televisión Española) (Madrid), Bandidos
Films, CCC (Centro de Capacitación Cinematográfica), Estudios Churubsuco, Fondo
de Fomento a la Calidad Cinematográfica, IMCINE (Instituto Mexicano de
Cinematográfica (Mexico City)]
Producer: Luis Estrada (Luis Rodriguez)
Director: Luis Estrada (Luis Rodriguez)
Screenplay: Luis Estrada (Luis Rodriguez), Jaime Sampietro
Cinematography: Emmanuel Lubezki [Eastmancolor]
Music: Santiago Ojeda
Running time: 95 minutes

Rita - Gabriela Roel
Cura/Cacho - Pedro Armendáriz Jr. (Pedro Bohr Jr.)
fat man - Jorge Russek
Luis - Eduardo Toussaint
Pablo - Sebastián Hiriart
Martin - Alan Gutiérrez
Miguel - Jorge A. Poza Perez
El Tuco - Daniel Giménez Cacho
El Orejas - Ernesto Yáñez
El Joven - Dario Pie
Mexican - Damián Alcázar
Sapo - Pedro Altamirano (Pedro Marquez)
Cedro - Jorge Zepeda
Tuerto - Julián Bucio (Julián Montemayor)
journalist - Bruno Rey (Eliseo Reynoso)
la joven - Patricia Pereyra
soldiers - Alejandro Reyes (Alejandro Gomez), Julián Pastor
general - Felipe Cazals (Felipe Siena)
priest - Max Kerlow
orphan - Sebastian Hoffmann (Herbert Hofmann)
hangman - Rigo Mora
with; Eduardo Palomo

Luis is the only survivor of an attack by bandits on his boarding school. Chaos rocks the Mexican countryside during the 1910 revolution, and the boy is happy to have survived. Before he can get away and head towards home, he encounters another group of bandits. These are pre-teens who scavenge places looted by adult bandits. Thinking that by joining them his chances of returning home will be better, Luis' arrival makes the group a quartet. They soon become fast friends, bound together by their many adventures and their need to fend off the lethal bullying of the adult bandits, in particular the gang led by the sadistic Cacho. Before long, the kid bandits are wreaking havoc in the countryside all on their own. ~ Clarke Fountain,

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