Friday, July 31, 2009

RIP Renato Izzo

Noted voice actor and screenwriter Renato Izzo died in Rome, Italy on July 30th. He was the head of a family of actors and voice actors such as Simona, Rossella, Fiamma, and Giuppu Izzo. He had just celebrated 60 years in show business when he turned 80 years-old on June 15th. He was married to his lovely wife Liliana for 56 years with whom he founded Pumas which is a historical society dedicated to cinema voice dubbing.

Izzo had dubbed more than 1000 film and along with Alberto Lionello, Ferruccio Amendola, Pino Locchi and Maria Laura Baccarini was one of the biggest names of that generation of Italian voice actors. He was the Italian voice of such noted actors as Gregory Peck, Paul Newman, and Alain Delon

Renato Izzo’s westerns – screenwriter, voice actor:
Kill and Pray – 1967 [screenwriter]
A Man Called Amen – 1968 [screenwriter]
If You Meet Sartana, Pray for Your Death – 1968 [screenwriter]
Sabata – 1969 [screenwriter]
Adios, Sabata – 1970 [screenwriter]
Chato’s Land – 1971 [Italian voice of Richard Jordan]
Return of Sabata – 1971 [screenwriter]
Too Much Gold for One Gringo – 1972 [screenwriter]
Dallas – 1975 [screenwriter]

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