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The Ballad of Kid Divine: The Cockney Cowboy – English title
The Ballad of Kid Divine – English title

A 1991 Italian, British co-production [Fortuna Films (Rome)]
Producers: Alessandro Von Giannini, Giorgio Rossi
Director: George Rossi (Giorgio Rossi)
Screenplay: Alexander Richardson
Photography: Tom Ingle [color]
Music: Dave Strut, Anders Sodergren
Running time: 59 minutes

Kid Divine - Jesse Birdsall
Hog - Martin Clunes (Alexander Clunes)
Cass Malone - Neil Morrissey
Dr. Nathaniel Bonner - Michael Elphick
Apache Kate - Sue Graham (Susan Graham)
Injun Tom - Ben Cole (Benjamin Cole)
Pedro - David Sternberg
Diablo - Vincenzo Nicoli
Sheriff Dan Johnson - Alex Richardson (Alex Giannini)
Chico - Adriano Notarianni
cowhands - Gianni Verrechia, Emanuela Fella, Davide Ospedale
good time girls - Isabella Verrechia, Cinzia Notarianni
opera singer - Gian Franco Sartori
voice artist - Dawn Hennessey

This spoof of "Spaghetti Westerns" stars Jesse Birdsall as Kid Divine, a killer with a baby face and a $25,000 price tag on his head. Among those Kid Divine comes into contact with are a slick elixir salesman and two Irish bounty hunters.

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