Tuesday, July 14, 2009

RIP Heinrich Schweiger

Viennese actor Heinrich Schweiger died today, Tuesday, July 14 at noon in a Salzburg hospital, of heart failure due to heavy bleeding in the brain, he was 77. The Burgtheater honor member belonged to the acting group since 1949 and played many classical roles of world literature suchas Shakespeare’s “Othello” and Richard III and appeared in “Don Carlos”.

Schweiger was born July 23, 1931 in Vienna and studied there at the Max Reinhardt seminar. He debuted at the age of 18 at the Burgtheater. Schweiger, which was awarded the Kainz medal among other things, and participated for many years in the Salzburger festivals and was seen in numerous television programs and films. Among his cinema successes among other things were leading roles in "Franz Schubert - ein unvollendetes Leben” (1957) and Franz Antel’s film series "Der Bockerer".
Schweiger appeared in one Euro-western “Cry of the Black Wolves” (1972).


  1. Tom, I'm quite sure that's Til Schweiger on the photo.

  2. Thanks ephedrino, it was incorrectly labeled at Legends of the Cinema. Corrected and reposted.