Saturday, June 20, 2009

Spaghetti Western Essential Library

Willkommen in der Hölle – Der Italo Western im àœberblick
Author: Christian Kessler
Publisher: Terroverlag (2002) paperback
328 pages
Kessler covers 420 films in detail plus another 150 films in the appendix. 300 rare photos and posters nicely accentuate the book. There’s also an interview with Gianni Garko and an actors index with filmography. A 16 page center section with color photos completes this encyclopedia. Only drawback is it’s in German only, but it’s easy enough to derive basic information on films so don’t let that hold you back.


  1. And of course Tom couldn't resist a book named after MATALO ;-)

  2. Alison - I guess I should have said two drawbacks; 1) It's in German only, 2) It features the poster from Matalo! on the cover. ;) Still one of the best books on the genre.

  3. Third drawback (for those who don't have it already) is that it's long out of print and mostly gets pretty expensive when it appears on ebay. Should have bought 5 or 6 back then.

  4. Ephedrino - I learned long ago that you have to pick-up things like this when you have the opportunity, even if it means charging them or paying a price that might be beyond your budget. Sacrifice something else to counter the purchase, but you'll hate yourself later when the opportunity is long gone. Seldom do books in this genre get reprinted so we get a second chance.

  5. I don't think its OOP or they did a reprint... The book is still available from the publisher (only German customers it seems) but also here:

    Bought mine a couple of years ago and I must say that this is without doubt the most fun spaghetti western book I have in my collection. If you don't know a word German I'm not so sure that you should get it though, rather pick up Bruckner's fine book then which contains far more reference material.