Monday, June 15, 2009

RIP Ivan Della Mea

Ivan Della Mea died Saturday night, June 14 at San Paolo in Milan the singer, poet and writer he was 69 years. The memorial service and last farewell is scheduled for 11 am Tuesday morning at the Circolo Arci Corvetto, where he was president. Born in Lucca on 16 October 1940, he soon moved to Milan where, along with Gianni Bosio, was among the founders of the New Italian songbook. Since 1990 he was director of Ernesto De Martino di Sesto Fiorentino.

Together with people like Joan Marini, Paolo Pietrangeli, Michele Straniero, Della Mea and Dischi del Sole, was a key member of Italian culture, he documented a time in which the accompanying music, where the youthful rebellions of the 1960s, and witnessed the close link between leftist politics and the struggles of our country. His real name was Louis and his activities took place almost entirely in Milan, where he had moved when he was very young and where he started to write songs, for Milly. His most famous song is ‘Cara Maglia’ (aka Dear Wife). His career as an author and activist was very crucial with the meeting of Gianni Bosio. Della Mea was a co-screenwriter with Franco Solinas of the Spaghett Western “Tepepa” (aka Blood and Guns) starring Tomas Milian and Orson Welles.

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