Friday, June 19, 2009


E continuavano a fregarsi il milione di dollari – Italian title
Et ils continuaient a se voler l’un l’autre le million de dollars – French title
Les quatre mercenaires d’El Paso – French title
…Y seguian robandose el millon de dolares – Spanish title
El hombre de rio Malo – Spanish title
Los hombres malos del río – Spanish title
Tappotuulella – Finnish title
Matalo – German title
King, o tromeros – Greek title
Rzeka zloczynców – Polish title
Vamos ter sarilho - Portuguese title
Hunt the Man Down – English title
And They Go on Losing the Million Dollars – English title
Bad Man’s River – U.S.A. title

A 1972 Italian, Spanish, French co-production [International Apollo Films (Rome),
Zurbano Films (Madrid), Les Productions Jacques Roitfeld (Paris)]
Producer: Bernard Gordon, Irving Lerner
Director: Eugenio Martin
Story: Gene Martin (Eugenio Marquez), Philip Yordan
Screenplay: Eugenio Martin (Eugenio Marquez), Philip Yordan
Cinematography: Alejandro Ulloa [Technicolor, Franscope]
Music: Waldo de los Rios (Osvaldo Guttierez)
Song: “Bad Man’s River” sung by Jade Warrior
Running time: 100 minutes

Roy “Bomba” King - Lee Van Cleef (Clarence Van Cleef, Jr.)
Francisco “Paco” Montero - James Mason
Alicia/Alice - Gina Lollobrigida (Luigina Lollobrigida)
Angel Santos - Simón Andreu (Simón Trobat)
Dolores - Diana Lorys (Anna Vega)
Ed “Pupo” Pace - Gianni Garko (Giovanni Garcovich)
Canales - Aldo Sambrell (Alfredo Brell)
Tom Odie - Jess Hahn (Jesse Hahn)
false Montero - Daniel Martín (José Martinez)
Orozco - Luis Rivera
Conchita - Lone Ferk (Lone Ferck)
General Duarte - Eduardo Fajardo
Colonel Enrique Fierro - Sergio Fantoni
reverend - Per Barclay (Erik Atberg)
Mexican soldier - Ricardo Palacios (Ricardo Diez)
Lopez - José M. Martín (José Manuel Martín)
sheriff - Allen Russell
with: Barta Barry (Bernabe Barri), Francsico Nieto, José Riesgo (Jose Cortina), Tito García (Pablo Gonzalez), Vic Albert, Carmen Guardón (Carmen Gallen), Gene Collins, Tom Power, Carl Rapp, Robert Lombard, Dan van Husen (Daniel van Husen), Bruno Sismondi, Rupert Crabb, David Thompson, Jean Martin (Luigi Marturano), Francisco Braña (Francisco Pérez), Clovis Dave, Claudia Gravy (Marsa-Claude Perin)

Considered by many to be one of the worst Spaghetti Westerns of all-time, a band of tough Texas outlaws called the King gang race up and down the border robbing one bank after another. Their only worthy adversary is the devilishly sensuous Alicia who constantly outwits them. Finally they join forces when a Mexican revolutionary offers the outlaws a million dollars to destroy an arsenal owned by the Mexican army. The arsenal gets blasted, but the million dollars doesn't get delivered in this "outsmart the outsmarters" and "double-cross the double-crossers".


  1. I had the misfortune to see this one Saturday afternoon on "World Harvest Television" (they show westerns of all types then) and it's as bad as they come...I was appalled that such an "A" list cast could appear in such a train wreck of a movie, just plain bad!

  2. I just don't get why this has such a bad reputation. Sure, everyone in the cast has made better films, but why anyone would think it's one of the worse is completely beyond me. I can only presume they haven't actually seen any of the real bottom of the pile entries. If you can watch something to the end in a single sitting, it's not one of the worse ;-) It may not appear in anyone's top twenty (certainly not even in my own top fifty), but it bowls along entertainingly enough. And at least LVC has neither a wig nor sings.

  3. The film tries to be an action/comedy. I think the action sequences are fine it's the comedy that is awful. That is my problem with it. If it were a pure action western I would think of it in a much more favorable way.

  4. It's certainly not terribly funny, unless maybe you're under ten years old. But I still think that even if you had to choose the ten worst comedies, there would still be tons worse than this.
    Though in my opinion choosing the ten *best* comedies would be even harder ;-)