Sunday, June 7, 2009

Back to Hell

Back to Hell – English title

A 2000 British production [Exterminating Angel Productions (London)]
Producer: Tod Davies
Director: Alex Cox
Cinematography: Todd Darling, Tom Richmond [color]
Music: Pray for Rain
Running time: 20 minutes

Jennifer Balgobin, Xander Berkely, Luis Contreras, Alex Cox, Eric Fellner, Dennis Hopper, Sue Kiel, Shaun Madigan, Ed Pansullo, Sy Richardson, Tom Richmond, Dick Rude, Miguel Sandoval, Olivia Sandoval Zander Schloss, Joe Strummer (John Mellor), Dan Wool (Daniel Wool), Biff Yager, Del Zamora

Documentary about the people who as actors and crew worked on the film Straight to Hell.

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