Tuesday, June 9, 2009


Oblivion 2: Backlash – English title
Oblivion: Badlands – German title
Galaxy Hunter – German title
Il West del futuro – Italian title
Backlash: Oblivion 2 – USA title

A 1994 USA, Romanian co-production [Full Moon Entertainment (Hollywood)]
Producers: Vlad Paunesco, Dana Paunesco, Albert Band, Peter David, Debra Dion
Director: Sam Irvin
Story: Charles Band, Mark Goldstein, John Rheaume, Greg Suddeth
Screenplay: Peter David
Cinematography: Adolfo Bartoli [Fotochem color]
Music: Pino Donaggio (Giuseppe Donaggio)
Running time: 83 minutes

Lash - Musetta Vander (Musette van der Merewe)
Jaggar - Andrew Divoff
Sweeney - Maxwell Caulfield
Zack Stone - Richard Joseph Paul
Mattie Chase - Jackie Swanson
Stella Barr - Meg Foster (Megan Foster)
Buster - Isaac Hayes
Bork - Irwin Keyes
Miss Kitty - Julie Newmar (Julie Newmeyer)
Buteo - Jimmie F. Skaags (Jimmie Neumier)
Mr. Gaunt - Carel Struycken
Doc Valentine - George Takei
Crowley - Jeff Weston (Jeff Celentano)
Long John - Brent Huff
sidekick - Michael C. Mahon
Josephine - Nadine Emilie Voindrouh
petrified cowboy - Gunter David
Stogie Joe - Sam Irvin

This futuristic western sequel to “Oblivion” starts with a long title sequence and a seven-minute flashback to the original film. It still is full of action and tongue in cheek humor. The evil Lash (Musetta Vander) hooks up with the even-more-evil twin of her dead reptilian lover (Andrew Divoff). The movie piles on the in-jokes and finds interesting uses for Julie Newmar, George Takei and Isaac Hayes. Not bad for a small budget Sci-Fi Western.

You Tube link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vLtmjib5FJU

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