Saturday, June 13, 2009


Kid il monello del West – Italian title
Kid el travieso del oeste - Argentinian title
Vestens Skræk - Danish title
Kid het tereur von het Westen – Dutch title
Kid Westerns Skrack – Finnish title
Kid-Lannen Kauhu – Finnish title
Little Kid und seine kesse Bande – German title
Mikroi diavoloi... o tromos tou West – German title
Los pequeños coyotes de Kid O'Hara – Spanish title
Western Kid – Swedish title
Westerns skräck – Swedish title
Kid, Terror of the West – English title
Bad Kids of the West – English title

A 1973 Italian production [Ramofilm (Rome)]
Producer: Roberto Amoroso
Director: Tony Good/Serrando Gonzales (Tonino Ricci)
Story: Roberto Amoroso
Screenplay: Mario Amendola, Bruno Corbucci, Roberto Amoroso
Cinematography: Silvio Fraschetti [Technicolor, Panoramico]
Music: Enrico Simonetti
Song: “La banda del west” sung by Renata Cortiglioni
Running time: 90 minutes

Kid Terror - Andrea Balestri
Sciantosa - Cristiana
Wilson - Franco Ressel (Domenico Orobana)
McKenzie - Attilio Dottesio
sheriff - Fortunato Arena
midget - Salvatore Furnari
boy - Flavio Colombaioni
Wilson henchman - Nestore Cavaricci
townsman - Sicto Brunetti
with: Walter Battistelli, Carlo Carloni, Mirko Ellis (Mirko Korcinsky), Maurizio Fiori, Barbara Fiorini, Clara Park, Gaetano Scala, R. Gallozzi (Roberto Gallozzi), Ray O’Connor (Remo Capitani), Rinaldo Ballanti, Claudio Cinquepalmi, Giancarlo Jabes (Jean-Claude Jabes), Giuseppe Monte, Alberto Allegrezza, Carla Mancini, F. Migliosi (Fabio Migliosi), Pippo Tuminelli (Giuseppe Tuminelli), Mario Donatone, I. Pizzoferrato (Isabella Pizzoferrato), Bruno Corbucci, Fabio Muscara, Rosa Toros (Rosita Torosh)

This is a Spaghetti Western rip-off of Bugsy Malone. A kid with a wild imagination overhears the plan of a gang of bandits who intend to hold up a bank. He decides to beat them to it and with a gang of other kids robs the bank. When the outlaws try to get the money he sets a trap for the outlaws with the local sheriff.


  1. This one makes a great double feature with "L'ostaggio", I tell you :0

    What does the info about directors mean, I don't get it. Roberto Amoroso is the producer alright but who the hell is Serrando Gonzales? Official credit in the opening credits goes to "Tony Good", which is usually assumed to be Tonino Ricci under a one-time pseudonym.

  2. I've found that some Spanish releases use Serrando Gonzales as the director. This would then also be a pseudonym for Tonini Ricci.

    When I use the / sign this means it is the same person.

  3. Smjango you are correct. Tony Good is a pseudonym for Tonino Ricci. Correction will be made. Thanks for bringing this to my attention.

  4. Biltmore: Flavio is on of the boys!!!!!

  5. There was also an all kid Zorro film by this same production team. Whether it was ever released is debatable.