Thursday, June 11, 2009

Bad Bulls

Os touros bravos – Norwegian title
Bad Bulls – English title

A 2000 Norwegian production [ICE Film (Oslo)]
Producer: Anders Graham
Director: Ove Heiborg, Fredrik Kiøsterud
Story: Ove Hieborg, Fredrik Kiøsterud
Screenplay: Paal Ritter Schjerven
Cinematography: Gaute Gunnari, Patrik Säfström, Fredrik Kiøsterud [color]
Music: Tommy Bere, Geir Bremer (Geir Ovrebo), Cato Kristiansen, Amand Evans
Running time: 15 minutes

Story: Set in the Wild West, Lucky Bullit and his trusty companion Hot Dog find themselves facing the Bad Bulls of Cow Town.

Animated characters

“The Bad Bulls had all the cinematographic expressions of a real life western, right down to the wide angles of dusty streets, baked by the merciless hot sun to the stretched shadows of the approaching outlaws. Its 15 minutes is crammed with action packed, gun-pulling, and bar brawling western puppet animation.”

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