Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Spaghetti Collectables

Who’s going to turn over and get an extra 40 winks when they see Sartana walking towards them from the face of this 10” wall clock. Looking as if he’s had the hardest day in his life I think most of us would jump out of bed and head for the shower as soon as our sleepy eyes gazed upon his. Selling on E-bay for $15.99 you sleepyheads better get one today.


  1. I got one of these from somebody.....
    ha ha hah!
    The thing is Garko looks so tired and worn out that it makes me feel the same way when I look at it.
    So, I tend to stay in bed longer!

  2. Just to make sure I understand you, Chris, you're saying you want a clock with the face of Frano Franchi instead, right? ;-)

  3. Chris just needs to look in the mirror for shocking wakeup. It works for me. :-)

  4. Ephedrino what we'd really like to see is an "Almeria Colt" clock. Please let us know if and when they will be available. Cost is no object. ;)

  5. I hope later this year we'll have something better than "Almeria Colt". I'll work on the clock once filming and post-production is finished.

  6. Hey, Ephe amigo!
    No, what I REALLY want is a clock with Silvana Bacci's face on it!
    Looking forward to the fruits of your labors, amigo! I have a feeling what you come up with will be excellent!