Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Outlaw Pete

Working on a Dream’ Bruce Springsteen (Columbia)
Looks like 2009 could be a great year for the ‘Boss’.

He’s already won a Golden Globe for “The Wrestler” and appeared as the entertainment star of the 2009 Super Bowl halftime show. Bruce Springsteen appears to be at the top of his game. A new CD “Working on a Dream,” his third E Street Band disc in the new millennium (and fifth disc overall), Springsteen sounds unstoppable.

For Spaghetti western fans check out the sweeping, eight-minute, western epic, “Outlaw Pete”. Springsteen tells the tale of a legendary bandit who “at 6 months old he’d done 3 months in jail/He robbed a bank in his diapers/and little bare baby feet.” Galloping on the trail to the constantly building accompaniment of chugging cellos, surging keyboards, majestic strings, chiming guitars, crashing drums and harmonica wails, Springsteen weaves together a sprawling, spaghetti western of a tale complete with a taboo romance with a Navajo girl, a deadly shootout with a bounty hunter and an example of western justice, figuratively and literally, at its coldest. Thanks Raymie, for turning me on to this exceptional performance.

You Tube link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MDqrniE3Uy8


  1. Christ but during the course of the last ten years of knowing your name and meeting the only tom betts that I know,I sometimes forgot just how educated you are.I can't believe the beauty of the words you chose to type in describing this.Please marshal tell me those are words written by another in describing outlaw pete.I am not worthy to sit at the same table and break bread with you if those words came off the top of your head.You know I mean it because I got within six feet of jane russell and could not approach her.Too much beauty or talent overwhelms me.Lie to me if you must but unless you want me to talk to you staring at the ground,tell me you didn't describe the music for outlaw pete yourself and you didn't blog those sentences a second before you typed them !

  2. It weren't me. I think that was from an Amazon review but after listening to the eight minute track who ever wrote it sure got it right.

  3. my lady friend dragged me kicking and screaming to bruce - i was never a fan, and probably still am not.

    she brought this cd over and i fell in love with the song.

    i sent the link to a few folks and am sorry i didn't include you, tom


  4. bruce also did a guitar cover version of jill's theme from OUATITW on a cd called "we all love ennio morricone"

    that got my lady into morricone

  5. Tom and Raymie have far too much time on their hands.