Thursday, February 12, 2009

Adventures in the Wild West

De jongen uit het wilde westen – Dutch title
Avontuur in het wilde westen - Dutch title
Adventures in the Wild West – English title

A 1963 Dutch production [Rex Film (Amsterdam)]
Producer: Henk van der Linden
Director: Henk van der Linden
Screenplay: Henk van der Linden
Cinematography: Henk van der Linden [black & white]
Music: Henk van der Linden
Running time: 60 minutes

Jimmy - Cor van der Linden
Hilde - Jos van der Linden
Sam - No Bours
Pedro - Frits van Wenkop
outlaw leader - Dirk Capel
Indian - Jef Meens
Black - Jos Pyls
with; Henk van der Linden

12-year-old Jimmy and John, a ranch hand, are in search of cattle that have strayed from their ranch. During the search they arrive at the cabin of Sam and his daughter Jane. Sam is a prospector, and while at the cabin outlaws arrive and try to obtain from him the location of his hidden gold cache. The children escape and return to the ranch for help. While pursuing the outlaws the children are captured and taken to a sacred Indian cave where they are finally rescued by Sam and John

This is one of a series of children’s films produced and directed by Henk van der Linden (1925- ) for Rex Films, over a 40 year career. His children were often used as actors in these films and many are available on video and DVD.

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