Saturday, February 8, 2014

Happy 85th Birthday Vlastimil Bedrna

Vlastimil Bedrna was born on February 8, 1929 in Prague Czechoslovakia. After high school graduation, he enrolled at two schools and was eventually then admitted to the theater SK Neumann, followed by a brief stay in Mlada Boleslav, then for a year of military service in the Army Art Ensemble (AUS ) and then returned to Mlada Boleslav. His classmate for year at the Academy of Performing Arts was Darek Vostřel, with whom he entertained an engagement at Bedrna  and thus became one of the founding members of the Rococo Theatre. Here, he worked together with Darek Vostřel and Jiří Šašek as an actor and mime until the abolition of the theater in 1972. After playing for a long time at the Theatre on the Balustrade, where he performed in almost all of the plays directed by Evald Schorm. From 1995 he worked at the Divadle Pod Palmovkou.
Bedrna appeared in only one Euro-western “Lemonade Joe” (1964) as the photographer. For television he dubbed Homer Simpson in the animated series ‘The Simpsons’ (season 1 to 12), and was not able to continue after suffering a stroke which finished his career.
He was married to actress, singer Ladislava Kozderková [1949-1986] from 1972 until her death in 1986. The couple had a daughter names Vlastimila born in 1976.
Today we celebrated Vlastimil Bedrna’s 85th birthday.


  1. "He is the father of actress Vlastimil Zavřel [1954- ]." This is not true. First, Vlastimil Zavřel is man. ;) And they are not relatives. Vlastimil Zavřel is an actor, who is dubbing Homer Simpson since the 13th season.

  2. Thanks Oik. I've deleted that wrong information from the post. Best, Tom B.