Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Claudia Cardinale to shoot a new western in Almeria

The arrival of the Italian actress is expected later this month, under the director Boris Bulgarian.

La Voz de Almeria
MC Guirado  
February 10, 2014

Italian actress Claudia Cardinale gets rolling in Almería like she did in 1966 in “Lost Command”, and in 1968 on “Once Upon a Time”. The beautiful actress returns to the province under the directing hand of Boris Bulgarian, starring in the film “Once Upon a Time in the Western “. The cast also includes Alex Brendemühl, Francesc Garrido and Francisco Conde and Almeria supporting actors in this film produced by the Bulgarian company Arthouse Blockbuster.
Last year during the week of December 16 the director, Boris Despodov was visiting the different locations where the film is to be shot for few days in the province, and as a curiosity, the Bulgarian director tasted what Christmas was like in Almeria.
Claudia Cardinale is expected to reach Almeria in late February, and in that moment the Almeria authorities have contacted representatives of the actress to offer her a morning star in “Boulevard of Stars” Facing the Teatro Cervantes. Claudia Cardinale received an emotional tribute in Almería in 2004, when she was awarded the prestigious ‘Almería, Land of Cinema’ award during the course of the Festival ‘Almería en corto’.

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