Sunday, February 20, 2011


Quattro dollari di vendetta - Italian title
4 dollari di vendetta - Italian title
Cuatro dólares de venganza - Spanish title
4 dólares de venganza - Spanish title
Quatre dollars de vengeance - French title
Ta tessera dollaria tis ekdikiseos - Greek title
4 dolares de vingança - Portuguese title
4 dollar för hämnden - Swedish title
$4.00 for Vengeance - English title
$4.00 of Revenge - English title

A 1965 Spanish, Italian co-production [P.C. Balcázar (Barcelona), Societa Ambrosiana Cinematografica (Rome)]
Producer: Alfonso Balcázar
Director: Jaime Jesus Balcázar (Jaime Granda)
Story: Bruno Corbucci, Aldo Grimaldi (Arnaldo Grimaldi)
Screenplay: Bruno Corbucci, Aldo Grimaldi (Arnaldo Grimaldi)
Cinematography: Victor Monreal (Victor Sarto), Clemente Santoni [Eastmancolor, Techniscope]
Music: Angelo Lavagnino, Benedetto Ghiglia
Song: “Let Him Go” sung by ?
Running time: 89 minutes

Captain/Lieutenant Roy Dexter - Robert Wood (Robert Woods)
Mercedes Spencer - Ghia Arlen (Dana Ghia)
Barry Haller - Angelo Infanti
General/Colonel Jackson - Antonio Casas (Antonio Barros)
Manuel de Losa - José Manuel Martín (José Pérez)
Hamilton - Gérard Tichy (Gérard Wondzinski)
Dave Clifford - Antonio Molino Rojo
Pedro - Tomás Torres
Hamilton’s secretary - Osvaldo Genazzani
Banyon - Lucio Rosato
Mexican - Juan Torres
deputy - Ángel Lombarte
Thompson - Luis del Pueblo
Mr. Spencer - Carlos Ronda
shop owner - Francisco Nieto
tribunal president - Sergio Doré
defense attorney - Miguel de la Riva
with: Gardenia Polito, Giulio Maculani, Gian Luigi Crescenzi, Gustavo Re, Robert Hoot, Renato Baldini, E. Bianchi (Eleanora Bianchi)

Lieutenant Roy Dexter and Barry Haller, both in love with Mercedes Spencer, are part of a military garrison stationed in Hueco City in the years immediately following the Civil War. On returning from a mission, the two friends decided to ask the girl who she intends to marry between the two and the choice falls on Roy. Lieutenant Dexter is ordered to immediately leave and escort a cargo of gold. Barry promises to take good care of Mercedes in Dexter’s absence. During the trip, however, the patrol is attacked and the gold is stolen. Roy is injured. But quickly recovers and prepares to celebrate his wedding to Mercedes. He is arrested and sentenced to death on charges of having been in league with the bandits and the robbery of the gold shipment. The intervention of Barry gets the commutation of the sentence to life in prison. Roy escapes the guardhouse and returns to town under a false name. After a clever evasion, Roy manages to infiltrate the outlaw gang and discover who is responsible for all the criminal acts for which he has been accused. Backed by Colonel Jackson, commander of the fort, who is not convinced of Roy’s guilt, Lieutenant Dexter proves his innocence and it is Barry who is found to be a part of the gang and the guilty party.