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Un colt por 4 cirios - Spanish title
La mia colt to cerca... 4 ceri ti attendono - Italian title
Verinen saalis - Finnish title
Armottomat - Finnish title
4 salopards pour Garringo - French title
Trinita, o gios tou Diavolou - Greek title
De hänsynslösa - Swedish title
Four Candles for Garringo - English title
My Colt not Yours - English title
4 Candles for My Colt - English title

A 1971 Spanish, Italian co-production [I.F.I.S.A. (Barcelona), Seven Star Kiber Cinematografica (Rome)]
Producers: Ignacio F. Iquino (Ignacio Farrés Iquino), Julio de la Fuente
Director: Steve McCoy (Ignacio Iquino)
Story: Lou Carrigan (Antonio Ramirez)
Screenplay: Jackie Kelly (Juliana de la Fuente), Steve McCoy (Ignacio Iquino)
Cinematography: Tony Sinclair (Antonio Lopez Balesteros, Jr.) [Eastmancolor, widescreen]
Music: Henry Soteh (Enrique Sotés)
Running time: 91 minutes

Sherff Frank/Steve/Garringo - Robert Woods
Oswald - Cris Huerta (Crisanto Brieva)
Rogers - Vidal Molina (Mariano Molina)
Mulligan - Fernando Rubio
Farley - Antonio Molino Rojo
Velda/Berta Farley - Mary Martin/Susy Martino (María Vargas)
Elaine Farley - Olga Homar (Olga Omar)
Jim/Tim - Luis Ciges (Luis Martinez)
Deputy Gonzales - Indio Gonzales (Gaspar González)
deputy - Esteban Dalmases
saloon girls - Raquel Barleycorn/July Kaplan, Irene D’Astrea, Francoise Duchamp, Carmen Gallen (Carmen Guardion)
with: Johnny ‘El Corso’, Ricardo Moyán, Francisco Márquez, Isidro Novellas, César Ojinaga, Maika Orero, Fernando de Miragaya, Giorgio Stefanelli, Francois Duchamp, Fernando Rubio, Ángel Lombardte

A gang led by an unscrupulous banker named Oswald, assaults a gold shipment of tax money headed for the state capitol. After the robbery the boss portions off the booty among his men. However, one of them, Farley, decides to keep most of the money and during the celebration after the robbery he steals the gold but is found dead the following morning. Rogers and his girlfriend Berta , the ex-lover of the Sheriff, are suspected of masterminding the robbery in order to run off with it. Rogers seeks help from the sheriff and implores him to protect him and Berta. The sheriff believing Rogers is the leader of the gang decides to protect him while investigating the robbery and finding evidence to convict him. Hangings, gunfights and beatings follow in the mayhem to bring the crook to justice.

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  1. Finnish title "Näyttelijät" is some kind of mistake, it just means "Actors".

    "Verinen saalis" was Finnish theatrical title. Released as "Armottomat" on VHS.

    Robert Woods' hyperactive acting in this films must be seen to be believed. One of the most unbearable spaghetti westerns ever thanks to Woods' performance.

  2. Thanks for the correction and addition Smjango. Like you siad Woods has a real attitude problem throughout this film.