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Little Known Spaghetti Western Actors ~ Ion Anestin

 [These daily posts will cover little known actors or people that have appeared in more recent films and TV series. Various degrees of information that I was able to find will be given and anything that you can add would be appreciated.]

Ion Anestin was born in Craiova, Romania on July 1, 1941. He was the son of cartoonist Ion Valentin Anestin [1900-1963]. Ion graduated from Institute of Theatrical Arts and Cinematography in 1967.In 1975, While a theater student he assaulted a black citizen and was arrested and convicted of racism. He served several years in prison. After he served his prison term he played in his first film “Orasul vazut de sus”.Other notable roles in films: “Nemesis's Secret” (1987), “Batalia din umbra” (1986) and “Chained Justice” (1984). On stage he played in ''G A Petculescu '' in Resita.

Nuni Anestin is one of the important actors of the golden age, especially in terms of playing villains. Although his name is not as well-known as those of other actors of his generation, his acting talent seems to have gone far beyond the realms of the ordinary, and the recognition he receives today seems small compared to how much he gave on stage and on set.

Nuni also followed in his father’s footsteps and became a respected caricaturist.

He died on September 21, 1989, in Bucharest, Romania. He was only 48 years old.

ANESTIN, Ion (aka Nune Anestin, Nuni Anestin) (Ion Tudor Anestin) [7/1/1941, Craiova, Romania – 9/21/1989, Bucharest, Romania (laryngeal cancer)] – theater, film actor, son of artist, cartoonist Ion Valentin Anestin, [1900-1963] married to actress Iulia Vraca, married to actress Lelia Columb.

The Oil, the Baby and the Transylvanians – 1979 (Freddie Calhoun)

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