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Cimarrón – International title


A 2022 Spanish film production [Kamara Filmed Entertainment, Aktor AG

Producer: Michel Alexander de Beer, Christian Ramirez, Ryan Wiik

Director: Ryan Wiik

Story: Louis Masterson

Screenplay: Ryan Wiik

Cinematography: Viorel Sergovici Jr.


Running time:



Cal – Theodore Rowan Salisbury

Vanity Parker – Marta Yanci

Granger - José Luis Badalt

Cimarrón – Fernando Corral

Ace – Alex Nestor

Wayne Coulter – Paul Umbriaco

Monry ‘Sunshine’ – Pau Serra

Alfredo - Jesús Montoya

Angie – Maca Vasquez

Gunmen – Angelo Boogaard, Jaime Hamilton Millan

Guerro – Augusto Garcia

Nardo - Leonardo Jiménez

Regino - Bruno Jimenez Guisado

Tito – Michael Alexander de Beer

Juanita - Ángela Alcocer


South of the U.S./Mexican border a poor village is suffering under the terror of a local rancher. By collecting all their gold artifacts, they are able to hire a gunman by the name of Cimarrón in the hope that he can become their savior.

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  1. I like that name. "Cimarron". It stays true to the spirit of the Old West. And it's based on a story from the guy who created Morgan Kane, Louis Masterson. How cool is that? There are two names from the Spaghetti Westerns that I like besides Django, Blondie, Sartana, Ringo, and Trinity. And those are Cimarron and Arizona Colt. There's even a Cimarron Firearms out of Fredericksburg, Texas. That's how cool it sounds. Now if only they could come out with a car of the same name. Now if you'll excuse me, I must write a letter to General Motors.