Sunday, March 5, 2023

Armando Trovajoli exhibition in Rome

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Rome welcomes and hosts the fascinating journey into the world of Armando Trovajoli, author of unforgettable songs: his scores are milestones of innovative culture and have contributed to the rebirth of Italian musical comedy, reinventing its sound. With his harmonious and elegant piano style, he was recognized as one of the most important personalities of international music. 

A celebration on the tenth anniversary of his death with the great exhibition "Armando Trovajoli. A legend in music", dedicated to the great pianist, composer and conductor, from 11 March to 14 May 2023 at the Museum of Rome in Trastevere.

The exhibition is curated by Mariapaola Trovajoli, Alessandro Nicosia and Federica Nicosia. Through a rich collection of documents, photos, videos, objects, it will be possible to retrace the itinerary of an extraordinary career that touches the collective memory. His film production has few equals in the Italian scene, so it is not an easy task to tell his great adventure in an exhibition: the idea comes from Mariapaola Trovajoli to recover a space where to stimulate the interest of the public and relive memories and emotions, beyond music.

Behind a long search for materials, many of which are exhibited for the first time, the immense artistic heritage and life of a prodigious man is documented. Inventor of a new musical method, in his compositions he treats the sound material with simplicity and naturalness, almost hiding his great wisdom between the lines. His orchestrations and melodies permeate the story and were the soundtrack of the post-war generation.

Symbol of Romanness, his indissoluble bond with Rome, his hometown that he loved deeply. An eternal and perennial memory without emphasis but romantically boundless. The exhibition is divided into 8 sections: The beginnings, Jazz, Radio, Cinema, Musical comedies, Television, Passions, The Maestro and Rome.

The exhibition will also be enriched by a catalogue published by Gangemi Editore which contains history, images and also a long list of extraordinary testimonies.

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