Monday, December 7, 2020

Frank Sinatra Enterprises Acquires ‘The Amigos’


January 13, 1969

Sinatra Enterprises has acquired an original screenplay, “The Amigos,” by Oscar Sau and Harry Essex, which will be produced in the spring under the company’s production banner. The big-budgeted western project will star Frank Sinatra in his first period film in several years. The agreement for the film’s distribution and the balance of the cast will be announced in the near future. 

[submitted by Michael Ferguson and Gary Williams]

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  1. The film "The Amigos" was never made but I plan to change that. However, I will make it into a rather bloody, gory Western only meant for adults. (Sorry kids, no tickets for you for THIS movie). I will pay tribute to both Sergio Leone and Sam Peckinpah in this film using close-ups and slow motion death scenes while also paying tribute to Tarantino using plenty, and I mean plenty, of blood splatter. My Western will have so much blood in it that you will need more than one bottle of Windex just to clean it all up. I might just create a whole new subgenre of film called, "Blood Western" or "Frontier Nasty". My film will also contain mature references to sex, drugs, alcohol, and of course, violence and foul language. Trust me, this film will definitely be rated R. So kids, please don't watch this. Ever! The film will take place in 1900 and open up like this. "The year is 1900. And Pike Beauregard has been in prison for ten years. He only has one friend he can trust. His pearl-handled .45" The Western movie will be called, "The Bloody Amigos" and will feature characters such as Pike Beauregard, Johnny Cross, Benny Madrid, The Kid, Dutch Coleman, Jane Fox, and Tiger Stevens. Wish me the best of luck. And remember, If I love Westerns, so should you.