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European Comic Books ~ Astroavventura (Astroadventures)

 Astroaventure (Nolan the Space Pioneer - Zorro - Jim Gun). The series is inaugurated with the two series of Nolan the Pioneer of Space (NO) (#1-12) followed by L'Emulo di Zorro (EZ) (#13-24) and Pistola Jim (PJ) (#25-30) all designed by Guido Buzzelli. From #31 the series abandons the horizontal format to become a booklet and assumes the headline L’Impavido and double numbering (#31 = #1); publishes Destinazione Venere (DV), The Extraordinary City of Azun Dali (AD), The Adventures of Little Bill (BI) and of the same age Tommy, the Son of the Cowboy (TO), all made by Guido Buzzelli, also the author of the nice Fotonovella of the Readers. In the appendix Capitan Cocorico (The Katzenjammer Kids) by Winner. From #38 it takes on a roll of honor as the twin series Assi Dell’Ausacia and Celebri eroi dell’aventura, presenting free stories alternating with episodes of Zorro designed by Guido Buzzelli, Vincenzo Ciolfi and Veniero Canevari. Initially the books have double numbering, that of Astroavventura and that of the series they belong to. Year of first publication: 1953 #1 April 22,1953 - #66 March 1955. By GFB Publishing House in Rome, Italy under the direction of Gabriele Gioggi on a weekly basis with black and white pages with color covers.


L’EMULO DI ZORRO Series I, title
13 [1] (05.08.53) - “L’attacco degli Apaches” (EZ) (The Attack by the Apaches)
14 [2] (12.08.53) - “Lo sceriffo in azione” (EZ) (The Sheriff in Action)
15 [3] (19.08.53) - “La scure di guerra” (EZ) (The War Axe)
16 [4] (26.08.53) - “Il carico d’oro” (EZ) (The Load of Gold)
17 [5] (02.09.53) - “Vendetta indiana” (EZ) (Indian Revenge)
18 [6] (09.09.53) - “Zorro si rivela” (EZ) (Zorro Reveals Himself)

L’EMULO DI ZORRO Serie II, titles
19 [1] (16.09.53) - “La Corrida” (EZ) (The Corrida)
20 [2] (23.09.53) - “Il circo” (EZ) (The Circus)
21 [3] (30.09.53) - “La sierra della morte” (EZ) (The Sierra of Death)
22 [4] (07.10.53) - “Il pozzo maledetto” (EZ) (The Cursed Well)
23 [5] (14.10.53) - “La città degli Aztechi” (EZ) (The City of the Aztecs)
24 [6] (21.10.53) - “Zorro e la sua ombra” (EZ) (The Shadow of Zorro)

25 [1] (28.10.53) - “Una rissa a Brooklyn” (PJ) (A Fight in Brooklyn)
26 [2] (03.11.53)   “I contrabbandieri dello scalo sud” (PJ) (The Smugglers of the

                               Southern Port)
27 [3] (11.11.53) - “L’uomo senza volto” (PJ) (The Man Without a Face)
28 [4] (18.11.53) - “L’impronta rivelatrice” (PJ) (The Revealing Fingerprint)
29 [5] (25.11.53) - “Pronto, polizia... aiuto!” (PJ) (Hello, Police… Help!)
30 [6] (02.12.53) - “Il mistero svelato” (PJ) (The Mystery Revealed)

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