Saturday, December 26, 2020

50th Anniversary of Bullets Over Dallas


The 24th of December marked the 50th Anniversary of the premier of "Bullets Over Dallas" in Madrid, Spain. Directed by José María Zabalza using the alias Charles Thomas and starring Carlos Quiney using the pseudonym Lawrence Hill, Claudia Gravy using the pseudonym Susan Simmons and Luis Induni. The film tells the story of an outsider arrives at the mysterious town of Townstone, a place of little interst since most of the ranchers sold their land to the railroad years ago. The outsider is interested in the whereabouts of the ′′ Three Cruces ′′ ranch and its owner, but it seems that no one knows him, and more, they continually threaten him to leave the place and stop asking. However, he decides not to leave town until the matter is cleared up.


Plomo sobre Dallas – Spanish title

Prendi la colt e prega il padre tuo – Italian title

Du plomb sur Dallas – French title

Bullets Over Dallas – English title


A 1969 Spanish, Italian film co-production [Procensa (Madrid), Prestige Film (Rome)]

Producer: Rafael Duran

Director: Charles Thomas (José María Zabalza)

Story: Charles Thomas (José María Zabalza)

Screenplay: Charles Thomas (José María Zabalza)

Cinematography: Frank G. Morrol (Leopoldo Villaseñor) [Eastmancolor, Techniscope]

Music: Henry Stafford (Ana Satrova)

     Songs: “All I Ever Need” sung by ?

Running time: 88 minutes



Ben Price/Bruce/Dale Brice - Lawrence Hill (Carlos Quiney)

Ellen/Helen - Susan Simmons (Claudia Gravy)

Ralston - Luis Induni (Luigi Radici)

Sheriff - Max Martin (Guillermo Mendez)

Burke/Burkett - José Truchado (José Reyes)

Perry/Terry Morse - Juan Cortés

Rancher – Enrique Navarro

Carpenter - Javier Rivera (Javier de Rivera)

Barber – Jose Marcos (José Marco)

Dick - César García

Saloon owner – Ricardo Costa

Railroad agent – Manuel Rojas

Barman – Carlos Lucas

Storekeeper – Antonio Orengo (Antonio Alonso)

With: Edward Hoover, Michael Riveas, Barbara Sullivan, Arthur Withman, Derek Forsyth, J. Spinney, Bob Bateson


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