Thursday, December 17, 2020

Audie Murphy Plans Films in Spain [archived newspaper article]


Los Angeles Times


Audie Murphy joined the exodus to Spain. In partnership with John Champion he’ll do two films there: “The Texican” with Brod Crawford and “Maverick Guns” with Gary Crosby and Cesar Romero. Guess he aims to give Lex Barker, knig of the continent in westerns, some competition.

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  1. Audie Murphy was only able to make "The Texican" with Broderick Crawford and Aldo Sambrell in 1966. The other film was never made. But I'm willing to change all of that in the near future. The other film was called, "Maverick Guns" and Audie Murphy would have done that film by either 1967 or 1968 had it been made. But Murphy never really showed interest in it and the film was later abandoned. I will make the film for Audie since he is no longer alive to be able to do it. And I will also pay tribute to him in my film by using his last name as well as other famous actors' last names in my film. Once I get enough money, I will make the film, "Maverick Guns" with a film company that I myself will establish called, "Old Town Studios". The film will focus on a gang of outlaws who become well known overnight. The trailer to the film will open up like this: "A gang of the most rowdiest sons of bitches in all the West! Brodie Maverick, sharpshooter wanted for robbery, arson, and murder. What could possibly go wrong with a guy like him? Webb Murphy, wanted for robbery, rape, and murder but claims he is innocent of the rape. Says nobody. Johnny Tarantino, Italian-American bastard. wanted for robbery and murder. Gee, I think I see a pattern. Ringo, wanted for murder. But is that his only crime? Yaqui Joe, wanted for murder. Could be worse. And Jill Tate, no relation to Sharon, wanted for robbery and murder. Deadly with a gun. But then again, anybody can do that. Maverick Guns. Soon in theaters. Don't miss it!" Wish me luck as always and if you see this movie in the future, make sure you have plenty of popcorn. Cuz it's gonna be good.