Tuesday, December 22, 2020

Eight New Westerns [archived newspaper article]


The Miami Herald

By George Bourke

September 13, 1964

Eight westerns are currently in process of production in Iberian studios alone. Titles included are “Adventures of the West,” with Clyde Rogers (right name Rik Van Butter), Edmund Purdom in “The Rustlers,” Guy Madison in “Sheriff of ok Corral,” Rod Cameron “Trail of Hate,” Jeff Hunter in “Murietta,” and Rory Calhoun in “Gunfighter” and “Finger on the Trigger”. Coming up on the Spanish scene will be “Son of Jesse James,” “Ranch of the Unrelenting” and ‘Son of a Gunfighter.”

[submitted by Mike Hauss]

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  1. I plan on making a Western myself called, "Road To Eternity". It will focus on a young man who becomes a gunfighter in order to kill the man who killed his father only to find out that he is now the new sheriff of Eternity, Kansas. The fictional town of Eternity in Kansas will be the county seat of the fictional county of Cheyenne County. I will play the role of Jethro Montague who teaches the main character, Reese Caldwell, how to shoot. The Western movie will take place from 1871 when the main character is ten to 1882 when the character is 21. That's a total of 11 years. The sheriff's name will be Ezra Mitchell, but you find out later that's not his real name. His real name is Henry Clay Hood and he once led the Confederate guerillas known as "Hood's Raiders". This is just one of many Westerns I plan on making along with "One More Ride" "Django Rises", "Sons Of Sinners", "The Devil's Gun", and "Preacher Colt" just to name a few. I will also make a non-Western called, "Moonshine County" about a family who is facing criminal charges for making illegal liquor in 1940s North Carolina. Wish me lots of luck. I'm gonna need it.