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European Western Comic Books ~ Album Cineromanzi Missionaries

Album Cineromanzi Missionaries
Missionary Adventures in Overseas Countries

A total of 37 issues were produced, divided into two series with non progressive numbering: Series I #1 (1947) - #26 (1951) Series II #1 (1952) - #11 (1960)

The series of magazines, were also called HEROES AND CONQUERORS, which alternated the vertical format (v) with the horizontal format (o) of sixteen self-covered pages in the first series (except the numbers 12 and 13, 16 pages + cover) and with cover in the second series. They present adventure stories already published in the ITALIA MISSIONARIA magazine. In some cases, the adventures are first published in the register and then in the magazine. Often the authors use pseudonyms or contractions of their name, so Armino stands for Armando Talpone, author, among other things, of most of the comic books and stories that complete the books, while the novelist Gaetano Bernardi is hidden under the alias Rusticus . The designer Franco Donatelli also signs himself Frank or Frank Donat, while the designer Alberto Mauri signs himself Malbert. Also texts by Gastone Toschi and Jolanda Gianoli and drawings by Giuseppe Cappadomia. In appendix Maggi comic stories. The covers are made by Armino, Renzo Maggi and Cecilio Manfredotti.

The first year of publication was 1947 #1 00.00.1947 to #11 (37) 00.00.1960 and published by P.I.M.E. - Pontifical Institute for Foreign Missions in Milan, Italy with black and white pages and color covers

Series I titles
01 - “Il genio del deserto” (A. Cremonesi/Armino) (v) (The Genius of the Desert)
02 - “L’ultimo Inca” (Ugo Mioni/Armino) (o) (The Last Inca)
03 - “Tra gli Apachi” (G. Bernardi/Cappadonia) (v) (Among the Apache)
04 - “Il figlio dell’emiro” (Ugo Mioni/Armino) (o) (The Emir’s Son)
05 - “Un urlo fra le tenebre” (A Scream in the Dark)
06 - “Il gran giorno” (Rusticus) (o) (The Great Day)
07 - “Nel covo delle belve” (Rusticus/Cappadonia) (v) (In the Hideout of the Beasts)
08 - “L’eroe dei mari” (Mioni/Renzo Maggi) (v) (The Hero of the Seas)
09 - “La setta dei Gialli” (N.M. Lugaro/Armino) (v) (The Yellow Sect)
10 - “Il segno di Liung” (Lugaro/Armino) (v) (The Sign of Liung)
11 - “Verso il nuovo mondo” (Armino/Armino) (v) (Towards the New World)
12 - “La piccola Devadasi” (Giuseppe Stefanetti/Armino) (v) (The Little Devadasi)
13 - “L’angelo di Vera Cruz” (Armino/Armino) (v) (The Angel of Vera Cruz)
14 - “Nella cella proibita” (L. Santandrea/Cecilio) (o) (In the Forbidden Cell)
15 - “Il mercante di schiavi” (Jolanda Gianoli/Franco Donatelli) (o) (The Slave Trader)
16 - “Il lama dalla veste rossa” (Luisa Santandrea/Cecilio) (o) (The Lama With the Red
17 - “La Madonna di Guadalajara” (Gastone Toschi/Giuseppe Pin) (o) (Our Lady of
18 - “La palude della morte” (Rusticus/Donatelli) (v) (The Swamp of Death)
19 - “Le due missioni” (Gaetano Bernardi/Pin) (o) (The Two Missions)
20 - “Coda macchiata” (Rusticus/Armino) (v) (Spotted Tail)
21 - “Apostoli ed eroi” (Maggi/Maggi) (v) (Apostles and Heroes)
22 - “Nella grande foresta” (Gianoli/Maggi) (v) (In the Great Forest)
23 - “Il fantasma Bianco” (Armino?) (v) (The White Ghost)
24 - “L’elefante di Mary” (Rusticus/Frank) (v) (Mary’s Elephant)
25 - “La vendetta dello stregone” (Gianoli/Frank Donat) (v) (The Sorcerer’s Revenge)
26 - “Gli Aniotos” (G. Biasotti/Maggi) (v) (The Aniotos)

Series II titles
01 - “Forze opposte” (Maggi?) (Opposing Forces)
02 - “Sarete perseguitati” (Maggi) (You Will Be Persecuted)
03 - “La valanga” (Maggi?) (The Avalanche)
04 - “Angeli del reggimento” (Cecilio Manfredotti?/Manfredotti) (Angels of the
05 - “Sangue sull’oceano” (Manfredotti?/Manfredotti) (Blood on the Ocean)
06 - “L’eroe dei due continenti” (Manfredotti?/Manfredotti) (The Hero of Two
07 - “Nel terrore del grande nord” (Manfredotti) (In the Terror of the Great North)
08 - “Grazia Hosokawa” (Maggi) (Grace Hosokawa)
09 - “Il mercante di schiavi” (P. Manzi/Alberto Mauri) (The Slave Trader)
10 - “La legge della steppa” (The Law of Steppe)
11 - “Nel sud Dakota” (Giovanna Biasotti/Malbert) (In South Dakota)

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