Wednesday, May 27, 2020

The short film 'Arizona 1878' is recognized in the U.S.A.

La Tribuna de Albacete
May 6, 2020

Albacete director Manuel Olaya's work achieves a certificate of merit at the 'Rochester International Film Festival'

Director Manuel Olaya (left) talks to Micky Molina during the filming of the tape.

The short film Arizona 1878, a history of the old West, by Albacete historical filmmaker and recreationist Manuel Olaya continues its journey through international festivals since it was selected at the Almería Western Film Festival in Tabernas, specifically, it was selected at the Cape Verde Film Festival in Sal Island (South Africa), the 20th Sala de los Infantes (Burgos) Short Film Competition and more recently at the Rochester International Film Festival in New York, where it also obtained a certificate of artistic merit.

Olaya assures us that it is "a dream to have obtained a selection in an American film competition and more than to have been awarded the certificate of merit, recognition given to works that do not reach the grand final, but where the organizers appreciate some remarkable quality or mastery of some of the keys to its realization, be it a good story, a good edition or an outstanding costume design, set design, setting, etc.

"For me," he continues, "it is just as important as an award itself, because everything that is good reviews and public recognition adds to the journey of the short film," which, he recalls, is inspired by the great North American productions of the golden age of Fart. West.

Arizona 1878 a history of the old West, is approximately 20 minutes long, in which the director also participates as a screenwriter and interpreter (plays Sheriff James Edwards), where the popular actor Micky Molina, Alex Navarro (known for his participation in the television series Águila Roja), Pedro López, José Varela, Quique Durio, the theater actress Ana María Olaya and Bruno Jiménez, among others, was filmed in Almería, although it also includes some locations in the province of Teruel, with the production of Aron Multimedia de Albacete, with José Campos as head of Production, and has a soundtrack by the composer from Almansa, Fran J. García and in the assembly work he had the Alicante Gilberto Villaplana.

new project. Olaya reveals to La Tribuna de Albacete, he also has a new short film project that will be set in the so-called "Gold Rush" in California in the mid-19th century, where it is also expected to have two actors from Arizona 1878, Pedro López and Quique Durio. "The filming was to take place this May and, logically, it has been postponed without a date, it is planned to shoot in Alcoy near a place with a stream, which allows us ideal locations for the moment in which the story unfolds".

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