Monday, July 3, 2017

RIP Solvi Stubing

 German actress and politician Solvi Stubing died in Rome today at the age of 76. Born in Berlin on January 1, 1941 she became very popular in Italy after a series of TV beer commercials. She also appeared in Playboy and Playman while appearing in over 30 films including three Euro-westerns: “The Sheriff Won’t Shoot” (1965), “Garringo” (1969) and “Blindman” (1971). She then left show business and entered politics. She was named a member of the Commission of European Women.

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  1. And many fans will miss her, including in Brazil! She was wonderful in "Garringo" and "Blindman".
    R.I.P., the sky has now a precious jewel among many others!
    Stephan, from Brazil