Monday, July 31, 2017

RIP Nicola Di Gioia

Italian stuntman, actor, location manager and cinema historian Nicola Di Gioia died in Rome, Italy on July 31st. He was 73. Di Gioia was a regular on Marco Giusti’s Stracult and was indispensable in helping Marco find old actors, directors and other film personnel from the Italy’s Golden age of film who had virtually disappeared. Nicola began his career in the eraly 1960s on Sword and Sandal films and the merged into the Spaghetti western genre and continued working till the present time. Di Gioia appeared in seven Euro-westerns: “My Name is Pecos” 1966 (Mexican policeman), “Death Walks in Laredo” 1967 (gunman), “Don’t Wait Django… Shoot!”1967 (Hondo), “Poker With Pistols” 1967 (gunman), “A Stranger in Town” 1967 (bandit), "Son of Django" (1967), “A Stranger in Paso Bravo” 1968 (gunman) and “Arrapaho”1984 [stunts].